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Grandma's Trifle

My grandma used to make the best trifle. She used to start with a thick layer of sponge cake that she’d put on the bottom of a very large bowl. To this she’d add some fruit and then she’d soak it all in sherry and have a very healthy glass of sherry herself. To that she’d add some custard; nice and thick from a tin because the stuff that she used to make herself was a bit too runny for making trifles. Then she’d add lashings of whipped cream. Us kids used to whip it ourselves because my grandma would have another glass of sherry. She’d spoon it over the top of course nowadays you can get spray cream, which is much easier. To round off we’d have a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands – pink ones because those were my sister’s favourite. My granddad used to say it was the best trifle in all of Yorkshire, of course I think my grandma preferred the sherry.

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