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Fadi to the Rescue

: Hi
Harry: Hi
Harry: Could we get two cappuccinos please?
Tony: Ok...sit down and I’ll bring them over to you.
Harry: Cheers...
Johnny: So, listen, I had a word with the IT department about that job that I’d mentioned, and they’d like you to come in for a chat sometime...
Harry: A “chat”?
Johnny: Well, yeah, you know, not really a formal interview, just...well...like, a chat, so they can get to know you, and see what you’re like, and stuff...
Harry: But there’s no real job on offer...
Johnny: Well, no, perhaps not as yet, not exactly...
Harry: Hmmm, I’m not sure.
Johnny: Go on! What have you got to lose?
Harry: I guess you’re right...
Johnny: And it’s a good company to work for...lots of prospects...great bonuses! And you
Johnny: Tomorrow I guess...
Olivia: Tomorrow what? What are you two planning in secret?
Harry: Olivia, you are so nosey! You always have to know everything about everyone else....
Olivia: Just natural curiosity...
Johnny: Harry’s coming to work with me!
Olivia: That’s great!
Harry: Hang on, hang on...it’s not definite yet...
Olivia: I’m sure you’ll get the job! Well done!
Harry: Slow down, will you!
Olivia: That means you’ll be too busy to do my website for me...
Harry: I’m sure I can squeeze you in...
Olivia: I wouldn’t want to overwork you!
Harry: We’ll see, eh?
Olivia: OK, but don’t lose any sleep over it.
All: Hi Sarah!
Johnny: How’s the flat-hunting going?
Sarah: Oooooppphhhh....I’m exhausted. I’ve been going round the city all day, looking at
Sarah: No success at all.
Harry: What’s the problem?
Sarah: They’re all too small, or too dark, or too far away, or too expensive, or there are weird flatmates...
Harry: You’ll have to compromise at some point....
Sarah: Yeah, I guess so, but I don’t want to live in a complete dump, and it seems that I can’t afford much more.
Fadi: Hello all!
All: Hi Fadi!
Harry: How’s it going mate?
Fadi: I’m fine here, but why are you lot all looking so glum?
Olivia: Sarah still can’t find a place to live.
Harry: Olivia’s fed up because I can’t do her website for her!
Johnny: Harry’s not enthusiastic about working with me!
Fadi: Great...Well, I’lll just have to try and solve all your problems, then, won’t I?

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