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Kicked out!

: Hi there Harry!
Harry: Hello Olivia. How’s it going?
Olivia: Not bad...what are you reading?
Harry: Just checking the jobs page of the local newspaper...
Olivia: More? I thought you already had too many job offers to choose from...
Harry: Well, I have...but there’s no harm in looking, is there?
Olivia: Suppose not.
Harry: You’ve got to know what’s going on...
Magda: Keep ahead of the game!
Harry: Exactly!
Magda: I think the internet is a better place to look for jobs, though...
Harry: You’re probably right, but I spend all day sitting in front of computers. It’s nice to have a change every now and then. So, Olivia, any more thoughts on what we talked about... your website?
Olivia: Yeah...well...like I said, I’d love you to do it!
Harry: Great – I’d love to do it. Now then, normally, for a job like that, I’d ask about a grand...
Olivia: A grand!
Magda: What’s a “grand”??
Olivia: A thousand pounds.
Magda: Phew! That sounds like a lot...
Olivia: It is!
Harry: It isn’t really...that’s what these things cost now...if you take into account the work I’ll have to put into it, and all my time...
Olivia: Maybe...
Harry: But anyway, because we’re friends, I’ll do it for say, seven fifty...?
Olivia: Seven hundred and fifty...hmm...well...can you let me think about that? I’ll get back to you in a day or two.
Harry: Sure! No probs!
Fadi: Hi
All: Hi there!
Fadi: Hang on, I’ll just get a coffee and then I’ll be with you......ok, cheers! So, how’s it going?
All: Good...fine...not bad!
Fadi: Harry – thought any more about that offer?
Harry: Sure, yeah... I’m up for it! I’ll do it, no problems.
Fadi: Great, we really need it. What kind of costs are we looking at?
Harry: Well, the basic package will be fifteen hundred...
Fadi: Hmmmm....
Harry: Then for upgrades and maintenance, well, up to two five...
Fadi: Two thousand five hundred quid?
Magda: Quid?
Olivia: Pounds.
Fadi: You don’t come cheap, do you Harry?
Harry: I’m good at my job.
Fadi: I’ll have to have a word with my uncle...see if I can clear it with him. I’ll get back to you.
All: Hi there!
Olivia: What’s up Sarah?
Sarah: Just had some bad news...
Magda: Oh no! What’s the matter?
Sarah: I’ve just been kicked out of my flat!
All: Oh no!
Magda: Kicked out?
Olivia: She has to leave...find another place to live...

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