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Section 1 – "Is that a new shirt?" – Making comments on a friend's clothes

Ravi: Hello, and welcome to LearnEnglish Elementary podcast number three. My name’s Ravi.
Tess: And I’m Tess. I’m from London and Ravi’s from Manchester and we’re your presenters.
Ravi: And there’s one more important person for you to meet – our producer, Gordon. Say hello to everyone Gordon!
Gordon: Hello!
Tess: And how are you today Gordon? Gordon: Very well Tess. And you?
Tess: I’m fine! Good. We’ll speak to Gordon again later in the show. You’re very smart today Ravi. Is that a new shirt you’re wearing?
Ravi: Yes - lovely isn’t it.
Tess: But you told me you’re trying to save money. You said “no more new clothes”.
Ravi: Well, I know, but, well, you know me Tess. I saw it in the shop and I liked it, so I had a look at it, but they didn’t have my size, so I thought oh well, never mind and then I looked again and they did have my size, so I thought, well I’ll try it on but I won’t buy it, and then I tried it on and of course it looked fantastic, and the shop assistant said it
looked really good, and I still thought no, I won’t buy it, and then I looked at the price, and it was quite expensive so I thought, no I can’t buy it, and then the shop assistant said that it was in the sale – last week it was eighty pounds, but this week it was only forty pounds, that’s half price … so I bought it.
Tess: Forty pounds!! For a shirt!!
Ravi: But look at it - it’s a great shirt. We have to dress well now Tess – we’re celebrities.
Tess: This is a podcast Ravi! It isn’t MTV! Nobody can see you.
Ravi: Ah – that’s true, but I feel well-dressed, that’s the important thing.

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