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Section 1 - “Where did you go?” – a weekend away

Tess: Hello and welcome to LearnEnglish Elementary podcast number two. I’m Tess.
Ravi: And I’m Ravi. We’re the presenters and we’re here in the studio with our producer, Gordon. Hi Gordon!
Gordon: Hello!
Ravi: And he’ll be back later with another one of his …. erm, jokes. Now, last week I told you that Tess loved riding her mountain bike and you’ve been away riding your bike this week, haven’t you.
Tess: I have, yes.
Ravi: Where did you go?
Tess: We went to the Lake District, in the North West.
Ravi: Oh. Beautiful. For our listeners who don’t know, the Lake District is in the north west of England and it’s a really beautiful part of the country. I went there last year, you know. It’s a difficult place to ride a bike though – lots of hills.
Tess: I like riding up hills!
Ravi: I prefer riding down them. Did you stay in hotels?
Tess: No, we were camping. We took two small tents with us and at the end of every day we just put the tents up on a camp site. It was great. Really relaxing.
Ravi: What was the weather like? Camping’s great when the weather’s OK but when it’s raining …. it’s horrible.
Tess: Yeah, we were really lucky. It was really sunny. Well, it rained one day but that was OK.
Ravi: Sounds great – I need a holiday! But, well, I think I prefer to spend my holidays on the beach. It sounds like a lot of hard work Tess.
Tess: I love it! I’m going again next year. I can’t wait! But it’s time to move on to the rest of the show – I know we’ve got lots of interesting people to hear from

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