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Dining at a Restaurant I

I love coming to this Italian restaurant. The appetizers and desserts are
to die for. When the waiter came to our table to take our order, my friend ordered a lobster ravioli dish, and I ordered my favorite, lasagna. The waiter then asked us, "Would you like a soup or salad with that?" My friend said yes; I passed on both.

vibe in the restaurant is pretty laid back, not at all uptight like you find in some of the ritzier restaurants in Beverly Hills. The wait staff is courteous, although sometimes the hostesses can be a bit snooty .

Anyway, when our meals arrived, everything was cooked to perfection. Since I didn't order any appetizers, soup, or salad, I was
starved. Even though I was really hungry, I tried not to gobble down my food too quickly. I didn't want my friend to think I was a pig! But even though I tried not to, I still overate. When the waiter asked if we wanted any dessert or after dinner drinks, I just couldn't resist getting the apple-filled crepes. They are the best.

When we got our check, my friend and I
split the bill, as we're accustomed to do. I frankly prefer to go Dutch when I eat out with friends. So that was the end of a really great meal. Now I have to hit the gym if I'm going to lose any of this extra weight I gained from eating that lasagna!

Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan

to die for - coś, za co warto umrzeć
to take order - przyjąć zamówienie
to pass - spasować, zrezygnować
vibe = atmosphere
pretty laid back = relaxed
uptight - spięty, napięty
ritzy - eksluzywny (o hotelu, restauracji)
wait stuff = waiters and hosts
snooty - zarozumiały
starved - umierający z głodu
to gobble down - pożreć, pałaszować
a pig - somebody who eats too much
to overeat - to eat too much
to split the bill - zapłacić rachunek po połowie
to go Dutch - (w restauracji) każdy płaci za siebie
to drop weight - zrzucić kilka kilogramów

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